Industry Session

2022/11/7    10:30-12:00
Power Semiconductor and WBG Devices

IS7.3.1: GaN Integration Drives Next-Generation Power Systems
Tony Liu  Sr. Director IC Design
Navitas Semiconductor

IS7.3.2: SiC MOSFET Robustness in Various Applications and Extreme Working Conditions
Xueqian Zhong  Senior Device Engineer
InventChip Technology Co.,Ltd

IS7.3.3: Infineon latest module solution for ESS PCS design and 3-level topology application
Zhenbo Zhao  Lead Principal Engineer
Infineon Technologies Center of Competence(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

2022/11/7    10:30-12:00
High Efficiency and Green Energy Solution for Data Center

IS7.4.1: "AC to IC" - Murata's Power Solutions for Open Compute and Data Center
Neil Yang  Power Product Expert
Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

IS7.4.2: High efficiency High Power Density Cellular 380V-12V DCX Using Low NFoM Devices and Resonant Drive Transformer
Xinke Wu  Professor
Zhejiang University

IS7.4.3: Increasing the power density and efficiency of PSU for data center using multilevel architecture
Dr. Chen Zhao  Professor
Silergy Corp.


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