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TE6.1.7 Dual-circulant Modulation for Inherent Submodule Voltage Balancing in MMDC (Shiyuan Fan, Zhejiang University)
TE6.2.2 Design Optimization and Experimental Validation of Gate Driver for 10kV SiC MOSFET (Yuqi Wei ,University of 
TE6.3.3 Modular Portable Energy Storage Inverter Power Supply Research (Yuchen Huan,Yanshan University)
TE6.4.6 Smart Distributed Equalizer for Series-Connected Battery Strings Based on Power and Signal Dual Modulation (Keming
              Liu,Zhejiang University)
TE6.5.4 Analysis and Design of a Self-Tuning Secondary Side for CPT System Using a Third Pair of Decoupled Plates and Variable
              Inductor (Wei Zhou,Southwest Jiaotong University)
TE6.6.5 Design and Implementation of a Motor Phase-access Integrated Boost Charging Scheme for Electric Vehicle (Huichuang
              Bao,Zhejiang University)
TE6.7.5 GaN-based Interleaved CRM Totem-pole PFC Rectifier with Variable-step Adaptive ZVS Control (Suchen Dong,Xi'an
             Jiaotong University)
TE6.8.6 Multi-Physical Design of a Wave Spring Connector for a Highly-Reliable GaN Power Module (Lei Wang,University of
TE6.9.4 An Enhanced Control Method Based on Reduced-order Resonant PLL for Inverters Interfaced with Weak Grid (Chan
             Chen,Zhejiang University)
TE6.10.6 Disturbance Preview Based Multistep Finite Control Set Model Predictive Current Control for PMSM (Yimeng Li,
                Southeast University)
TE6.11.6 Adaptive Active Damping and Robust Harmonic Resonant Control for 400Hz Inverter With the Consideration of the Filter
                Inductance Fluctuation (Shian Guo,Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics)
TE6.12.4 Design of a 300 kW Partial Power Processing Based DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles Extreme Fast Charging
                Stations (Bin Guo,Zhejiang University)
TE7.1.6 Three Degree-of-freedom Optimization of High Efficiency High Power Density LLC Converter (Qingyan Gao, Xi'an
              Jiaotong University)
TE7.2.5 Intermediate 60° Modulation with Real-time Gain Correction based on Phase-shifted Carrier (Wenjing Zhang ,Zhejiang
TE7.3.3 Analytical Calculations of Power Angle Transient Process in Virtual Synchronous Generators (Qiannan Qu,Zhejiang
TE7.4.5 Voltage-Balanced Behavioral Model Considering Carrier Extraction Effect for Series-Connected Trench Gate FS-   
               IGBTs (Xinkang Bao,Zhejiang University)
TE7.5.3 Effects of PLL in the Damping Unit of a Gird-Connected VSG (Yang Zhou,North China Electric Power University)
TE7.6.4 A Novel Control Method for LLC Converter under Short-circuit Condition (Gaohao Wei,Xi'an jiaotong university)
TE7.7.4 A New Four-level Hybrid-Clamped Multilevel GaN Totem-Pole PFC (Hongjie Deng,Zhejiang University)
TE7.8.5 A Communication-less Secondary Frequency Control Method for Islanded Microgrids Based on Mode Switching (Jiazhi
             WANG,Xi’an Jiaotong University)
TE7.9.5 Loop Gain based Auto-Tuner for Power Converters in Weak Grids (Xiangchen Zeng,Hebei University of Technology)
TE7.10.4 Design Methodology of the Planar Integrated Magnetics Based on Asymmetrical Windings for Resonant DC/DC   
               Converter (Jinxu Yang,Zhejiang university)
TE7.11.5 Four-quadrant Hybrid MMC and its Circulating Current Decoupling Control Strategy (Yiming Sun,Harbin Institute of
TE7.12.5 Design of A High Step-Down Hybrid Switched-capacitor Converter (Yuehua Zhai,Harbin Institute of Technology)
TE7.13.4 Power Decoupling Three-Port Converter with Integrated Transformer (Yihan Gao,Zhejiang University, China)
TE7.14.3 Virtual Inductance for Stability Improvement of DSTATCOMs in Weak Grids (Fan Feng,Sun Yat-Sen University)
TE7.15.4 Modeling and Elimination of Vertical Crossings in Multi-Sampled Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters (Zhengyuan
                Zhou,Xi'an Jiaotong University)
TE7.16.2 IGBT Long-Term Forward Bias Safe Operating Area Calibration Considering Aging-Caused Shrinkage (Yang Li,Xi'an
               Jiaotong University)
TE7.17.6 A Decentralized Coordinated Control Method for Power Management in DC Microgrids (Pu Zhao,Xi’an Jiaotong
TE7.18.6 Reconfigurable Topology Based on Multi-Frequency Compensation for Wide Misalignment Tolerance in Inductive Power
                Transfer Systems (Zirui Yao,Zhejiang University)
TE7.19.2 Full-Parameter Identification of BUCK Converter Based on Time-Domain Mapping Neural Network (Zhennan She,
               Xiamen University)
TE7.20.2 Modeling and Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected VSCs on Interactions Between ICFF Decoupling Control and   
                PLL (Boxin Liu,Zhejiang University)
TE7.21.1 General Full-Range Regulation Method for Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters (Wenhao Xie,Wenzhou   
TE7.22.2 A Non-Resonant Linear Soft-Switching Two-Stage Inverter and Its Integrated Control (Ziqi Chen,Beijing Jiaotong
TE7.23.2 An Improved High Bandwidth DSOGI-PLL and its Optimized Digital Implementation (Chengfu Xu,Chongqing     
TE7.24.2 Analysis of a Three-Coil Series-Parallel-Series Topology Based on Asymmetrical Factor Method in Inductive Power
                Transfer System for misalignment with Constant Current Output (Zirui Yao,Zhejiang University)

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