Accepted Papers

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A.Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter      35

A0022    Design of Magnetic Integrated Transformer for Lightweight High Voltage Power Supply to Electro-aerodynamic Propulsion


A0167    A Novel Hybrid LLC Resonant Converter with Fixed-Frequency Phase-Shift Control for Wide Gain Range Applications

A0197    Design of RCD Snubber Considering Asymmetric Absorption Position of Multiple Switches in Parallel for LLC Application

A0222    Modular Multi-level LLC Resonant Converter for High-power and Medium-voltage Application

A0252    Thermal Distribution Analysis of Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converters

A0259    Efficiency Optimization Design Method for Dual Active Bridge Converter in Single Phase Shift Control

A0264    Soft Switching Control Strategy of Four-Switch Buck-Boost Converter for high efficiency

A0298    Dual-circulant Modulation for Inherent Submodule Voltage Balancing in MMDC

A0314    Cooperative predictive control with power-balancing for multi-parallel DAB converters

A0317    A Boost Half-Bridge LC Resonant DC-DC Converter

A0318    Start-up Control Method for Five-Level Buck/Boost Converter

A0325    GaN-based Interleaved CRM Totem-pole PFC Rectifier with Variable-step Adaptive ZVS Control

A0351    A Control Method for the Problem of Losing the ZVS in CCM Mode LLC Converter Caused by Rectifier Parasitic


A0362    A High-Frequency Dual Active Bridge Converter with Partial Power Processing

A0363    A Single Inductor-based Cascaded H-Bridge PFC Converter with CM Noise Elimination

A0387    Design and Performance Evaluation of Hybrid-Switched-Capacitor Voltage~Regulators for 48~V to Point-of-Load


A0391    A Family of Novel Single-Phase Three-Level PFC Based on Switch-Capacitor Cell

A0406    A Synchronous Rectifier Control Scheme to Realize ZVS Considering the Secondary Parasitic Capacitance in LLC

              Resonant Converter

A0423    Inverse Charge Constant On-time Control with Output Current Feedforward for Superimposed Pulse Power Supply

A0466    Three degree-of-freedom Optimization of High Efficiency High Power Density LLC Converter

A0484    Analysis and Solution for Resonance of Grid Side Current at Zero-Crossing Point of GaN-Based CRM Totem-Pole PFC

A0524    Design of wide-range CLLC resonant converter for vehicle charger based on visualization method

A0527    Optimization Design and Application Verification of a Reset Timing Control Circuit for S3R

A0529    A New Four-Level Hybrid-Clamped Multilevel GaN Totem-Pole PFC

A0585    Quasi-Single Stage Three-Phase AC-DC Power Supply With Power Decoupling For Low Frequency Pulsed Load

A0633    Linearized ZVS Control Scheme of a Resonant Four-Switch buck-boost DC/DC Converter for inverting voltage applications

A0679    A Self-Balancing Non-isolated DC/DC Converter for DC Wind Power Conversion System

A0733    Data-Driven Gap Metric Fault Diagnosis Technology for DC-DC Converter

A0768    High Step-up Ratio and Low Current Ripple Non-isolate Magnetic Integration Converter for Low-voltage Fuel Cell System

A0792    Power Decoupling Three-Port Converter with Integrated Transformer

A0804    High Density Planar Integrated Magnetics with Two-sided Merged Inductor Windings and Cores for Resonant DC/DC


A0806    Winding loss reduction based on the even magnetomotive force in the wide-range RDCX converter for OBC

A0824    Computer-Aided Comprehensive Operation Analysis of DC-DC Converters Considering Uncertain States of Diodes

A0828    Full-Parameter Identification of BUCK Converter Based on Time-Domain Mapping Neural Network

A0833    Cross Regulation Limit Exploration of SIMO DC-DC Converter Using Differential Evolution Algorithm

B.Inverter and control: DC/AC Inverter, Modulation and Control      15

B0121    A Simple Modulation Strategy for Common-mode Voltage Reduction in Modular Multilevel Converter

B0135    A Low Delay Anti-Aliasing Approach of Multisampling for Grid-tied Inverter with LCL Filter

B0172    An Improved SRFPI-LADRC-based Voltage Control for Single-Phase Inverter

B0263    Resonant Control with Phase correction for Negative Sequence Current Elimination under Low Carrier Ratios

B0358    A Novel Power Sharing Strategy for Virtual Oscillator Controlled Microgrid Non-Identical Inverters

B0375    Coordinated Control Strategy of Zero-Sequence Circulating Currents and Neutral-Point Potential for Parallel Hybrid Three-

               Level ANPC Converters

B0389    Intermediate 60° Modulation with Real-time Gain Correction based on Phase-shifted Carrier

B0420    An Improved Circulating Current Injection Method of Modular Multilevel Converter for Electric Machine Drives

B0508    Pre-synchronization Control for Grid-Connected Inverters without Grid Voltage Sensors

B0511    A Family of Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverters Synthesized From Configurable Submodules

B0603    Topology Derivation of Transformerless Inverter without Leakage Current Based on Graph Theory

B0666    Virtual Inductance for Stability Improvement of DSTATCOMs in Weak Grid

B0690    Modeling and Stability Analysis of Grid-Connected VSCs on Interactions Between ICFF Decoupling Control and PLL

B0710    A Novel DC side Dynamic Voltage Smoothing Technology of SVG

B0774    Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase Inverter

B0795    Development of 630KW PCS System Step by Step

C.Power Devices and applications: Si, SiC, and GaN devices      18

C0014    Dynamic RDS (on) Testing for GaN Devices Considering Third Quadrant and Different Operating Conditions

C0115    Design Optimization and Experimental Validation of Gate Driver for 10 kV SiC MOSFET

C0168    Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Low Melting Point Alloy for Downhole Electronics at High Temperature

C0169    Thermal Optimization of a Logging Tool Used in High Temperature Downhole Environment

C0190    A damping method for voltage overshooting and switching oscillation of SiC MOSFET by PZT

C0254    Comparative Analysis on Switching Characteristics of Discrete SiC MOSFET in Press-pack Package and Wire-bonded


C0256    Current Uniformity Optimization of High-Power SiC Module for High-Resolution Amplifiers

C0304    An Electric Field Coupling Differential Probe for Measurement of SiC MOSFET Switching Voltage

C0353    A Fast and Accurate Spice Circuit Simulation Modeling Method of GaN HEMT

C0377    Research on Fast Design Method for Power Module Terminal RMS Current Capacity via Thermal Equivalent Model

C0433    The Benefits of SiC/GaN Devices in T-Type Three-Level Inverter Hybrid Applications

C0502    Voltage-Balanced Behavioral Model Considering Carrier Extraction Effect for Series-Connected Trench Gate FS-IGBTs

C0621    Quasi-constant current Control Method of Resonant Gate Driver for Switching Speed Adjustment

C0719    Modeling and Assessment of Thermal Impedance Considering Layout and Parameter Dispersion for Multichip SiC Power


C0822    IGBT Long-Term Forward Bias Safe Operating Area Calibration Considering Aging-Caused Shrinkage

C0823    Investigations on the Degradation of Different Gate Oxide Regions of SiC MOSFET Under Different Repetitive DC Bus


E0727    Modeling and Stability Analysis for a Closed Loop Active IGBT Gate Drive

I0756     Trajectory-Model-Based Switching Waveform Restoration Method for Accurate Dynamic Characterization of SiC Power


D.Magnetics, Passive Integration, Magnetics for Wireless and EMI      8

D0102    Suppression of Very Fast Transient Space Electromagnetic Radiation Based on a Novel LLC Converter

D0213    Modular Inductive Power Transfer for Electric Vehicle: Challenges and Prospects

D0216    Optimal Design of Coupled Inductors for Multiphase Buck Converter

D0268    Design Methodology of the Planar Integrated Magnetics Based on Asymmetrical Windings for Resonant DC/DC Converter

D0270    Proportional Current Sampling and Integrated CT Design with Transformer

D0464    Phase Detection Method Using Decoupled Auxiliary Coil for Active Rectification of Mega-Hertz WPT

D0573    An Integrated Control Two-Stage Inverter with Non-Resonant Linear Soft-Switching

H0560    A Battery Impedance Online Identification Method Based on Small AC Signal Injection of Inverter

E.Control, Modeling, Simulation, System Stability and Reliability      37

A0049    Design and Simulation of Marine Electromagnetic Transmission System

A0227    The Design of Kicker power supply output waveform acquisition system

E0005    Design and implementation of power supply optical transmission system for high intensity heavy-ion accelerator based on


E0025    Multi-physical Design of a Wave Spring Connector for a Highly-Reliable GaN Power Module

E0045    Study on electrostatic discharge test method of high-voltage solar cell

E0152    A Data-Driven Open-Circuit Fault Diagnosis Method for Three-Phase T-type Three-level Inverters

E0195    Online Condition Monitoring Method for the Cooling System of Urban Rail Train

E0226    Control design of high-speed train against uncertain parameters and external disturbances

E0283    Modular Portable Energy Storage Inverter Power Supply Research

E0285    A New Modulation Strategy to Improve the Performance of Bidirectional Isolated AC-DC Matrix Converter

E0288    Control and data analysis of dipole magnet power supply for Cooler Storage Ring at Lanzhou

E0290    A Novel Three-Phase Boost Flying Capacitor Three-Level Inverter

E0295    Research on Self-adaptive Dual-mode Operation Control Strategy for Micro-grid Based on Virtual Synchronous Generator

E0310    Comparative Analysis of Transient Stability of Grid-Forming and Grid-Following Inverters

E0335    Multi-rate Real-time Simulation Method for Photovoltaic Power Generation System Based on FPGA

E0350    An Applicable Submodule Capacitor Monitoring Scheme for Modular Multilevel Converters

E0369    An Enhanced Control Method Based on Reduced-order Resonant PLL for Inverters Interfaced with Weak Grid

E0393    A Novel Atomic Magnetometer Laser Source Control System for Magnetic Measurement

E0394    Analytical Calculations of Power Angle Transient Process in Virtual Synchronous Generators

E0410    Transient DC bias suppression and general dynamic modulation for dual active bridge converter

E0412    Wideband Impedance Online Identification of Wind Farms Based on Combined Data-Driven and Knowledge-Driven

E0434    State of Charge Estimation Based on Enhanced Sliding Mode Observer for Lithium-ion Battery

E0447    High Reliability and Low Ripple Single-Phase Inverter Topology and Control

E0448    A Fault Diagnosis Method for Wind Power System Converter Based on K-nearest Neighbor Algorithm

E0476    Mechanism Analysis of Mid-Frequency Oscillation in a Practical MMC-HVDC System for Offshore Wind Farms

E0491    Optimal Configuration of Integrated Target Distributed Power Generation Based on Improved JAYA Algorithm and AHP

E0539    A Communication-less Secondary Frequency Control Method for Islanded Microgrids Based on Mode Switching

E0553    An Improved SSR Damping Strategy Based on SSDC in Photovoltaic grid-connected system

E0564    Effects of DC Link Dynamics and Machine-Side Converter on Admittance Models of Type-IV Wind Turbine

E0568    Generalized State Space Averaging Modeling of Dual-Active-Bridge Converter With Triple-Phase-Shift Control

E0613    Analytical Modeling of Air-Cooling System for Multiple Discrete Device Parallel Converter

E0675    Loop Gain based Auto-Tuner for Power Converters in Weak Grids

E0678    Multi Physical Modeling for the Press-Pack IGBT Device by Considering Material Temperature Effect

E0693    Adaptive Scheme for Improving the Transient Stability of Grid-Connected inverter under Grid Voltage Sag based on

              Instability Prediction

E0832    Experimental Research on Voltage Sag Tolerance of High-power LED Lamps

E0837    Modeling and Elimination of Vertical Crossings in Multi-Sampled Single-Phase Grid-Connected Converters

H0661    Performance research and optimization of vehicle-mounted claw-pole generator based on 3D electromagnetic field and

              circuit coupling modeling

F.Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving      19

E0526    Modulation and control of three-phase multilevel converter for unbalanced bipolar DC microgrids

F0026    Current Compensation Control of Converter Under Distortion Current and Exponentially Decaying DC Conditions

F0088    Comprehensive Design of Three-Level LCC Resonant Converter with Voltage Multiplier for Photovoltaic Generation

F0120    Research on Integrated Routing Architecture and Efficiency Optimization Based on Partial Power Conversion

F0134    A transient performance improved strategy based on virtual inertia and its allocation for PV-storage DC microgrid

F0146    Smart Distributed Equalizer for Series-Connected Battery Strings Based on Power and Signal Dual Modulation

F0158    Active Power System Support Area Evaluation of Electric Vehicle Considering Battery Peak Power Capability

F0164    Comparative Analysis of Harmonic Suppression of Different Types of Active Dampers

F0221    Coordinated Control Method of Multi-Energy Routers Considering Line Resistance

F0223    Research on Topology And Control Strategy of Multi-Port Power Electrical Transformer

F0238    A kind of virtual inertial control of small and medium-sized wind turbines on removable offshore platforms with DC


F0242    Transient Analysis on Transfer Process of Hybrid Soft Open Point under Power Grid Outage

F0267    Disturbance Preview Based Multistep Finite Control Set Model Predictive Current Control for PMSM

F0312    Oscillation Suppression Method based on Power Control Optimization of the Wind Farms

F0371    Large-signal Stability Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Grid-tied Inverter Considering Phase-locked Loop


F0403    Research on Control Strategy of Small Power Router

F0490    Effects of PLL in the Damping Unit of a Gird-Connected VSG

F0704    Thermal Stress Distribution Analysis of SiC Power Modules in DAB Converter within the Whole Operating Range

F0708    Research Progress of Non-isolated High Step-up DC/DC Converters Based on Combinational Switched Impedance


G.Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution      18

E0689    Monopolar Fault Reconfiguration and Protection Strategy in Bipolar DC Distribution System

G0023    Average Value Model of Cascaded H-Bridge Type Power Electronic Transformer

G0080    Capacitive wireless power transfer isolated by metal mesh barriers

G0125    An Implementation Method of a High-power Harvester from High-voltage Transmission Lines

G0220    Analysis of Heat Characteristics of Power Electronic UHV AC Controllable Arrester

G0315    Frameworks of the converter stations implemented in the MVAC/MVDC hybrid distribution networks

G0496    Influence of Structural Parameters of Voltage Sensing Unit in Switchgear on Distribution Characteristics of Spatial Stray


G0518    Power Flow Calculation Method for Hybrid Cascaded HVDC Transmission System

G0543    Power electronics for transmission and distribution

G0551    Four-quadrant Hybrid MMC and its Circulating Current Decoupling Control Strategy

G0602    Adaptive Active Damping and Robust Harmonic Resonant Control for 400Hz Inverter With the Consideration of the Filter

              Inductance Fluctuation

G0655    A High-Voltage and Large-Capacity Three-Port DC/DC Converter for Renewable Energy Collection Systems

G0656    A High Voltage Gain Three Phase Cascaded DC/DC Converter

G0686    Steady-State Equivalent Modeling and Analysis of Sen Transformer

G0786    Optimization of a Novel Integrated Magnetic For LLC Resonant Converter

G0816    Small-Signal Impedance-based Stability Analysis of Self-Synchronizing Grid-Following Converters

G0838    A Decentralized Coordinated Control Method for Power Management in DC Microgrids

L0572    Resonant Operation of the Modular Multilevel Converter Under Low Output Frequencies

H.Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles, Railway, Marine, Airplane etc.      20

G0181    Sequential Model Predictive Control of Current Source Inverter for PMSM Drive System

H0097    Model-Free Predictive Direct Speed Control for SPMSM Drives

H0103    Analysis on Influencing Factors of Energy Consumption of Flexible Direct Traction Power Supply System for Urban Rail


H0107    Model Predictive Current Control of Four-Level Active Neutral Point Clamped Inverter with Balanced Capacitor Voltage

H0177    Design and Implementation of a Motor Phase-access Integrated Boost Charging Scheme for BEVs

H0231    An experimental study of the cooling performance of a micro heat pipe array-based heat sink for IGBT

H0278    A Discontinuous Maximum Voltage Boost Modulation Method with Low Switching Loss

H0279    Optimal voltage control of island DC microgrids based on multi-step model predictive method

H0280    Research On CLLC Converter Compound Control Strategy Based On Efficiency Optimization

H0324    A Fast DC-Bus Voltage Model Predictive Control Method for Single-Phase AC/DC Converters in Adjustable-Speed Drive

H0330    Design of a 200 kW Partial Power Processing Based DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles Extreme Fast Charging


H0385    A Comprehensive Steady-State Optimization Method of Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter Based on Triple-Phase-Shift


H0498    FPGA Implementation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Control and Modulation

H0638    Backlash Oscillation Suppression of Servo System Based on Full-order Terminal Sliding Mode Control with Variable-gain


H0641    Composite Speed Control for Induction Motor Based on Improved Finite Time Control

H0643    Fault Diagnosis of Interturn Short Circuit of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Voltage Residual Vector

H0645    Diagnosis Method of IGBT Open Circuit Fault of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Driver Based on MPCC

H0658    A novel control method for LLC converter under short-circuit condition

H0716    Tuning Method for Proportional-Integral Current Control in PMSM Base on Stability Margin

H0785    Single-Phase Integrated On-Board Battery Charger Based on T-type Converter

I.Power Electronics for Lighting, Consumer Electronics and Power Ics      4

A0035    Model Predictive Control for Current-Source-Mode Single-Inductor Multiple-Port DC-DC Converter with Low Calculation


I0106     Power Relay Module Based Charging Function Extension for Standard Wireless Charger

I0247     Modeling and Analysis of Multiple Resonant Peaks in Multi-source DC Distribution System

I0554     A Low Noise High PSR LDO Based on N-type Flipped Voltage Follower

J.Power Electronics for Data center, Telecom and Storages      8

A0142    General Full-Range Regulation Method for Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converters

A0143    Inverse Polarity Resonant Switched-Capacitor Converter with ZVS Operation and Full-range Regulation

D0619    Optimal Design of Planar Magnetics for CLLC Resonant Converter

J0192     A Multi-Objective Optimization Design Method for Control Parameters of Single-Phase PWM Rectifier

J0208     Design of A High Step-Down Hybrid Switched Capacitor Converter

J0303     Seamless Switching Between Grid-connected and Island Modes Based on Virtual Synchronous Generator Control

J0715     A Centralized Auxiliary Power Supply (CAPS) with Information Communication for Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) with

              Partial Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Integration

K0228    A Novel S-shaped Coil Four Column Uncoupled Inductor Design Based On Interleaved Parallel PFC

K.Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer      16

H0081    A Novel L-S/N Compensation Topology for Inductive Power Transfer Systems with Constant Current Outputs and a

              Compact Receiver

K0232    Optimization on Structure and Parameter of Magnetic Coupler in Wireless Charging System

K0297    The Optimal Design of the Segmented Primary Track for Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System

K0302    Analysis and Design of a Self-Tuning Secondary Side for CPT System Using a Third Pair of Decoupled Plates and Variable


K0306    A 6.78MHz Class-E Amplifier Based Capacitive Power Transfer System With Approximate Constant Current Output


K0327    A Robust Random Forest Regressor-Based Mutual Inductance Monitoring Scheme for Inductive Power Transfer Systems

K0395    Parameter Design Method With All Capacitor Voltage Stresses Optimization of LCLC-LC Compensated CPT System

K0404    A Signal Reverse Transmission Method for Inductive Wireless Power Transmission Control System by Modifying

              Compensation Capacitance

K0501    Research and Design on Series-Compensated IPT Systems Based on Synchronous Rectification

K0520    Active-Relay-Based Wireless Power Transfer System With Efficiency Optimization Over Load Variation

K0561    A Wireless Charging System with Dual Switchable Constant Voltage and Constant Current Outputs Based on Intermediate


K0570    Modular Design of Magnetic Couplers for High-Power Wireless Power Transfer Systems

K0722    Three-Bridge Reconfigurable IPT Systems with High-Misalignment Tolerance

K0726    Hybrid Frequency and Pulse Width Modulations for Minimizing Standby Current in LCC Transmitter

K0736    Reconfigurable Topology Based on Multi-Frequency Compensation for Wide Misalignment Tolerance in Inductive Power

              Transfer Systems

K0737    Analysis of a Three-Coil Series-Parallel-Series Topology Based on Asymmetrical Factor Method in Inductive Power

              Transfer System for misalignment with Constant Current Output

K0787    Analysis for Constant Current Output with ZPA and Voltage stress optimization for reconfiguration LCLC-LC Compensated

              CPT System

L.Others      5

B0696    Stability Analysis and Parameters Design of DC Microgrid Based on SOC Droop Control

L0408    Digital Twin Based Condition Monitoring for High Power Converters

L0413    Newton Downhill Method Based Maximum Torque Per Voltage Control of IPMSM Considering Variation of Motor


L0565    An Improved High Bandwidth DSOGI-PLL and its Optimized Digital Implementation

L0707    SOC Estimation of Li-ion Battery Based on VFFRLS-AEKF with Capacity Parameter




A.Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter      15

A0050    An Improved Method to Extend Zero-Voltage-Switching Range for Totem-Pole PFC Rectifiers

A0069    Sensorless Model Predictive Control Using Artificial Neural Network for Multilevel Flying Capacitor Boost Converters

A0074    A New Multi-Phase DC-DC Converter with Interleaved TCM Si Phases and High-Frequency Auxiliary SiC Phase

A0075    Research on a Novel Quasi-Single-Stage High Efficiency High Power Factor AC/DC Converter

A0109    A Switched Capacitor Based Multi-port DC Converter with Power Self-balanced Capability

A0183    High Efficiency Resonant Converter with Smooth Frequency Regulation for Wide Input Voltage Applications

A0196    Design and Optimization of Magnetically Integrated Planar Transformer Based on Bi-directional CLLC Resonant Converter

A0224    A Widely Adjustable Low-Intensity rTMS Pulse Generation Circuit with Frequency-Field Strength

A0307    A High step-down DC/DC converter based on half-bridge LLC and PCL-BUCK

A0367    Hybrid energy storage coordinated control of DC microgrid based on virtual inertia

A0552    A series-parallel connected Four-transformer LLC resonant converter based on series connected IGBTs for medium-voltage

              high-power Applications

A0688    Efficiency Optimization Scheme for Isolated Triple Active Bridge DC-DC Converter Based on Minimized Reactive Power

A0814    A 1.8kW/in3 Power Density Cellular 380V-12V DCX with 98.4% Peak Efficiency Using Low NFoM Devices and Resonant

              Drive Transformer

A0829    The MPPT Application of the FSBB Converter with MHz ZVS Digital Control

A0836    Active Harmonic Suppression in a Series 12-Pulse Rectifier

B.Inverter and control: DC/AC Inverter, Modulation and Control      13

B0037    Analysis of Resonance Characteristics of a Multi-inverter Grid-Connected System Based on Resonance Modal

B0039    Zero-Voltage Switching Differential Switching Power Amplifier with Power Decoupling Control Independent of Output


B0072    Improved impedance measurement method for grid-connected wind power system under weak connection

B0130    Multiple Resonant Voltage Control Scheme for Three-Phase UPS Inverters

B0136    Active Power Decoupling for High Power Density Single-Phase VSI With LCL Filter

B0137    Fractional-Order Multiple Repetitive Control Scheme for Programmable AC Power Sources

B0140    Evaluation of the 240°-Clamped PWM Method for Neutral-Point-Clamped Three Level Inverter

B0272    An AC-Side Start-Up Scheme for Thyristor-Based Modular Multilevel Converters

B0331    Modeling and Stability Analysis of VSC System Considering AC/DC Coupling Effect

B0342    Optimization of Active Power Response Speed of Grid Forming Inverter Based on Droop of Hyperbolic Tangent Function

B0346    Phase-locked Loop Considering Low-order Harmonic and Frequency Fluctuation of Power Grid Under High-penetration of

              Renewable Energy

B0797    Control and loop design of a low frequency isolated single-stage two-input grid-connected inverter

F0821    Redundant Module based Control Scheme for Grid-Forming Cascaded H-Bridge PV Converters to Enhance Overcurrent


C.Power Devices and applications: Si, SiC, and GaN devices      8

C0067    Investigation on SiC MOSFETs with Long Time Nitridation Treatment under AC Gate Bias Temperature Instability

C0093    Wide Input Voltage Range Stacked Half-Bridge LLC Converter Design with GaN HEMTs

C0187    Study on Short-Circuit Failure Model of GaN/SiC Cascode Devices

C0503    Investigation on Excess Carrier Distribution for a Quasi-2D Lumped-Charge Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Model

C0510    Investigate of Gate Driver Loop Impedance on Switching Transients of Both Power Device Side and Gate Driver Side

C0531    A Temperature Monitoring Method for Press Pack IGBT Based on Digital Twin

C0721    The Packaging Design for a SiC MOSFET Power Module with High-Temperature Characteristics

I0755     Analysis and Mitigation of Short Circuit Current in Multichip Power Module with Paralleled SiC MOSFETs

D.Magnetics, Passive Integration, Magnetics for Wireless and EMI      9

D0071    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wireless Power Transfer System with Light-Weight and Low Leakage Flux Interference

D0214    Design of Magnetoelectric Fully Integrated EMI Filter Based on Multilayer Flexible Metal Foil Materials

D0235    Analysis and design of common mode EMI characteristics of PFC circuit based on reverse phase compensated winding

D0236    Electromagnetic interference suppression of accelerator power supply

D0245    Analysis and Design of Fast Response Pulse Transformer

D0269    Core Losses Measurement of 10MHz PWM Excitation Based on DC Power Method

D0505    A Novel Differential-Mode Noise Suppression Method Using Predictive Pulsed Compensation

D0782    A Battery Impedance Online Identification Method Based on Alternating-Amplitude AC Small Signal Injection of Inverter

E0695    The near magnetic field measurement and characteristic analysis inside the valve hall of an MMC mutual driving system

E.Control, Modeling, Simulation, System Stability and Reliability      30

E0001    Admittance Modeling of DFIG-WT with Stator Current Control Considering PLL and DC Bus Dynamic

E0038    Low frequency speed fluctuation suppression strategy for permanent magnet synchronous motors based on integral sliding

              model variable structure control

E0051    Analysis of Steady-state Overvoltage Characteristics Caused by Switch Tripping Fault of UHV AC Line

E0090    A Threshold Adaptive Open-Circuit Submodule Fault Diagnosis Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converters

E0095    Research on Multivariable Feedback Model of Inverter Hybrid Parallel System

E0108    Research on Secondary Frequency Modulation Control Strategy of Virtual Synchronous Generator based on Variable

              Integral Parameters

E0113    Analysis and suppression of bifurcation behaviors for a new electric energy router based on series-parallel architecture

E0118    Comprehensive Comparison of Digital Controller Realization Form for High-Performance Active Filter

E0132    Three-phase LLC small-signal modeling and fast-response control design

E0149    Architecture Design and Implement of Power Supply Digital Controller for Heavy Ion Accelerator

E0151    Zero-Sequence Current Suppression Method Of Common DC Bus Open-Winding Motor Based On Virtual Coordinate


E0165    The Evaluation of Transient Stability of AC/DC Systems Based on Branches Potential Energy

E0188    Impedance and Admittance Specifications for Small-Signal Stability of Multi-bus DC Distributed Power Systems

E0255    Large Signal Synchronization Stability of Voltage-Source Converter Based on T-S Fuzzy Model

E0293    Small Signal Stability Analysis of Three-Phase Inverter With Control Strategy Under Hybrid Reference Frame Based on dq-

              frame Impedance

E0296    Power Quality Regionalization Control Method with Improved Piecewise Linear Representation and Improved Gray

              Relational Analysis

E0373    Transient stability based power climbing control of grid-forming inverter

E0488    Design and model of a fully integrated LCL-EMI filter for grid-connected inverters based on planar magnetic integrated


E0489    An Optimal Distributed Scheduling Model for Data Centers and Renewable Energy Integrated Systems

E0509    Large Signal-based Stable Operation Region Estimation of A Cascaded DC Power Distribution System With Pulsed Power


E0540    Aliasing Suppression based on Sliding Goertzel DFT of Multisampling for Grid-tied Inverter with LCL Filter

E0577    Wide Speed Range Brushless DC Motor Torque Ripple Suppression

E0580    An optimal phase shift angle based CPS-PWM method for full-bridge MMC-PMSM system

E0600    Vibration Control of Tunable Electromagnetic Damper Based on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

E0614    An Improved Sampled-Data-Based Event-Triggered Distributed Secondary Control for DC Microgrids

E0648    A Novel Mode Switching Control Strategy of an MMC-DAB based VFD for Ship MVDC Integrated Power System

E0667    Discrete-Time Model of Dual Active Bridge Converters Considering Digital Controller Delay

E0682    Back-stepping control strategy of modular multilevel converter based on dynamic energy balance

E0684    Impedance-Based Small-Signal Stability Analysis of DC Microgrid Clusters

E0817    Adaptive parameter control strategy for virtual DC motor with energy storage interface converter??

F.Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving      10

F0019    Hierarchical Control Algorithm for Modular Multilevel Converter-Based Energy Storage System

F0077    Integral-type Half-Tangent Phase-Locked Loop for Power Systems with Harmonic Disturbances

F0122    Modeling of cascaded H-bridge sequence impedance considering delay

F0205    Review of DC Bus Signaling Control Methods in DC Microgrids

F0271    Velocity Zero Crossing Detection-Based Variable-step Perturbation and Observation for Wave Power Generation system

F0347    Suppression Method of DC-side Voltage Fluctuation of SNOP Based on Energy Storage

F0463    Coordinated Reactive Power Margin Management of Multiple Photovoltaic Inverters for Voltage Regulation in Distribution


F0516    Modeling and Stability Analysis of Single-phase Grid-connected Inverters with Open-Loop Grid Synchronization

F0713    Stability Analysis and Control Optimization Method for Symmetrical PLL-Based VSC in Weak Grid

F0720    Optimal Configuration Method of Condenser and Analysis of Renewable Energy Consumption Based on BPA-SCCP Joint


G.Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution      3

E0337    Research on broadband modeling method of key equipment of converter Station based on RTDS

G0089    A Novel Modulation Method for Flexible Multi-State Switches with Shared Modules

G0332    The Key Equipment of Low-Frequency Four-Phase Independent Power System: Topology Structure and Control Strategy

              of Four-Phase Voltage Source Converter

H.Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles, Railway, Marine, Airplane etc.      8

E0154    Stability Analysis of Cascaded H-Bridge Medium Voltage Drives Based on Impedance Analysis Method

H0070    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wireless Power Transfer System for Long-Distance Transmission Line Patrol

H0094    GaN-based High Frequency Bidirectional 6.6kW DC-DC Converter for OBCM Application

H0207    An Optimization Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Emergency Power Supply System of More Electric Aircraft Based

              on Machine Learning

H0349    A Fault-Tolerant Strategy for Three-Level DC/DC Converter in Spacecraft Power System

H0396    An Optimized Online Monitoring Method of IGBT Junction Temperature based on Switch Overshoot Voltage

H0546    A Interference Model of Sub-module Driver Circuit in MMC System

H0697    A Compensation Method of Sub-module Capacitor Voltage Estimation Accuracy of MMC Based on Voltage Sensor


I.Power Electronics for Lighting, Consumer Electronics and Power Ics      1

I0248     Low Eddy Current Loss Constant Voltage Wireless Power Transfer System in Seawater

J.Power Electronics for Data center, Telecom and Storages      4

A0156    A DC/DC Converter for Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Based on DC Microgrid

J0204     Research on optimal battery control strategy applied to distributed large capacity energy storage system

J0326     Research on Improved Modeling Method of CLLLC Resonant Converter

J0555     Optimal Design of LLC-based Isolated Single-Stage PFC Converter

K.Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer      4

H0065    Wireless energy transmission systems Based on State-Feedback Control

K0246    Harmonic State-Space Modeling of Wireless Power Transfer System

K0355    Three-Dimensional Transmitting Structure with High Angular-Misalignment Tolerance in Wireless Power Transfer for Visual


K0380    Influence of Asymmetric Coil Structure on Misalignment Tolerance Characteristics of Magnetic Couplers in WPT Systems

L.Others      2

L0687    Instability Analysis and Stabilization Control for DC Microgrids with Positive Feedback of Selected Frequency Islanding

              Detection Schemes

L0692    Polar-Frame-Based Modeling and Small-Signal Stability Analysis of DDSRF-PLL: On the Different Implementation

              ?Structures Effect?

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