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Dialogue Session-1 
DE5.3  A New Multi-Phase DC-DC Converter with Interleaved TCM Si Phases and High-Frequency 
Auxiliary SiC Phase (Jing Chen,

            Hunan University)
DE5.15  Wide Input Voltage Range Stacked Half-Bridge LLC Converter Design with GaN HEMTs
(Runtao Lin, China Academy of

               Launch Vehicle Technology)
DE5.24  A Threshold Adaptive Open-Circuit Submodule Fault Diagnosis Strategy for Modular 
Multilevel Converters (Hong Wu, Xi'an

              Jiaotong University)
DE5.34  Large Signal Synchronization Stability of Voltage-Source Converter Based on T-S Fuzzy 
Model (Qianjin Zhang, Anhui

              University of technology)
DE5.48  An Optimization Energy Management Strategy for Hybrid Emergency Power Supply System 
of More Electric Aircraft

              Basedon Machine Learning (Xu-Cheng Huang, Harbin Institute of Technology)

Dialogue Session-2 
DE6.6    A 1.8kW/in3 Power Density Cellular 380V-12V DCX with 98.4% Peak Efficiency Using Low 
NFoM Devices and                     

              ResonantDrive Transformer (Guangcan Li, Zhejiang University)
DE6.10   An AC-Side Start-Up Scheme for Thyristor-Based Modular Multilevel Converters (Kangshun 
Zhu, Southeast University)
DE6.15   Redundant Module based Control Scheme for Grid-Forming Cascaded H-Bridge PV 
Converters to Enhance         
                              OvercurrentCapability (Yajie Tang, Zhejiang University)
DE6.17  Investigate of Gate Driver Loop Impedance on Switching Transients of Both Power Device 
Side and Gate Driver Side (Qing

              Xin, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
DE6.30  Large Signal-based Stable Operation Region Estimation of A Cascaded DC Power 
Distribution System With Pulsed

              PowerLoads (Zhengge Chen, Southwest Jiaotong University)

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