Charles (Yingjie) Zha

Charles (Yingjie) Zha 
VP & GM of Navitas China
Navitas Semiconductor Limited

Title: Pure-Play, Next-Generation Power Semiconductors - GaN & SiC Electrify Our World™

Abstract: The key to all our success and long-term environmental health is to transition from fossil-fuel sources of electricity, and from fossil-fuel loads, to renewable, new energy sources and uses – a mission to “Electrify Our World™”. A critical, enabling technology to our goal is the family of ‘wide band-gap’ power semiconductors – silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN).

GaNFast™ power ICs – with integration of GaN power, GaN drive, control, protection and sensing - are taking market share from legacy silicon chips – now – with over 60,000,000 units shipped to world-class customers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Lenovo, and vivo, with zero reported GaN field failures.

Now, Navitas has acquired GeneSiC Semiconductor – industry innovators in silicon carbide with products from 650 V to 6.5 kV. GeneSiC silicon carbide MOSFETs use a proprietary trench-assisted planar gate technology to deliver the highest efficiency at high temperature and high-speed, with reliable, high-yield manufacturing.

Now, wide bandgap semiconductors can improve applications from 20 W mobile fast chargers, to 20 kW EV OBC, to 20 MW grid-tied systems.

As we look ahead, each GaN power IC shipped saves 4 kg of CO2, with huge reductions in CO2 footprint for all customer applications, and Navitas is the world’s first semiconductor company to be certified as CarbonNeutral™. In total, GaN and SiC are expected to save 6 Gtons of CO2 per year by 2026, as we work to “Electrify Our World”.


Biography: Charles (Yingjie) Zha comes to Navitas with over 14 years of sales and marketing experience in international semiconductor companies. Prior to Navitas, Charles worked for Fairchild and ON Semiconductor,  where he managed the mobile phone and wireless business unit in Greater China, reaching over $350M in revenue.
Charles has grown the Navitas China team at a very fast rate, established offices in Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai, and he is very well regarded for his business and investor relationships.
Charles holds both Master and Bachelor Degrees from Jiangsu University.

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